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Dynamic Way to View XER,
XML & XLS Schedules

  •  Fast access and display of schedule data using filters, groups, sorts and different Views
  •  Track through predecessors and successors activities using Trace Logic
  •  Report back Activity Status and % Complete from the field
  •  Compare Baselines and visually see project changes
xer file viewer standard version

ScheduleReaderTM Standard

The Standard version enables dynamic viewing of schedule data exported from Oracle® Primavera® P6®, ability to keep track of projects progress, and even offers a two way-collaboration channel for project teams in order to improve project communication and keep projects on track.

Through many different views, filters, and other carefully selected features, ScheduleReaderTM offers a better alternative to communicating schedule data in the static PDF file format.

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Why Choose ScheduleReaderTM Over PDF Files

dynamic views

Interactive Schedule Overview

Personalized views, a chance to add/remove columns and see relationships inside an elaborate Gantt chart and tabular view. Get full overview of project data through Activities, WBS, OBS, Resource, Projects, and other views.

filters groups and sorts for quick access to information

Quick Access to Any Information

Easily handle plans with hundreds of activities by creating Filters, Sorts and Groups that can apply single or multiple criteria to perfectly organize activities and focus on the important aspects of the project. 

two way communication with progress update

Two- way Collaboration

The Progress Update feature, allows for two-way communication between team members in the office and on the field. Field personal can propose schedule updates back to schedulers who keep the schedule updated.

Trace Logic

Trace Logic

Users can analyse each predecessors and successor activities and easily find the critical path of the schedule in a separate Trace Logic view.

Baseline comparison

Baseline Comparison

Users can import up to 4 Baselines and visually compare activities to see changes from the previous project schedule state.

Familiar Working Environment

Users can create and share their own personal layouts in .xml, as well as import custom layouts in a .plf file to work in a standardized environment.

How can ScheduleReader™ help in your role?

There are many different cases where ScheduleReader™ can find a great use:


Advantages in Project Scheduling with Xer Schedule Reader Problem: Most of the Project Managers do not have Oracle® Primavera® P6® license and receive the schedules in PDF format. This is a rather old fashioned and static view, which limits their performance.

Solution: ScheduleReader™ improves the performance of project teams by offering:
  • Interactive and dynamic view of the activity details in project schedules with easy visualization in Gantt charts.
  • Custom layouts and filters for alignment within the company environment.
  • Track of relations between successor, predecessor activities with Trace Logic.
  • Comparison of Baselines and track of changes from the previous plan version.
  • Progress Update suggestions for Actual Start/ Finish Date and % Complete.
Note: ScheduleReader™ works with files and does not connect to any database.
Advantages in Project Scheduling with ScheduleReader Problem: Team Members on the field are too many to own a full Primavera® P6® license, as its complex and costly program that requires training. However, they often feel uncomfortable to constantly ask superiors for updates and screenshots of their specific tasks, assignments, costs and limits.

Solution: ScheduleReader™ is a cost-effective solution which assists every employee in meeting deadlines and milestones without stalls and delays. In addition, it offers:
  • Fast access to project information in XER and XML files
  • Personalized view of relevant tasks and assignments.
  • Decreased risk of unwanted changes inside the project plan as it’s a read-only program with no integration or connection to databases.
  • Regular feedback channel to propose updates to the Project Scheduler from the field
Note: ScheduleReader™ doesn’t require any integration, which makes it a perfect solution for onsite and offshore projects.
Advantages in Project Scheduling with ScheduleReader Problem: Team leads make sure their team delivers all the agreed output and reach the milestones. If there is a delay or change in the actions, caused by miscommunication or delay by a predecessor, they find it hard to handle when viewing the schedule in PDF all the time.

Solution: ScheduleReader™ dispalys the XER data without requesting different output end views from the planners. In addition, you can filter team costs, resources, allocations:
  • Greater control and insight into project schedule tasks and activities.
  • Clear overview of everyone’s tasks, assignments and resource availability and relations between predecessors and successors activates.
  • Effective communication with senior management regarding project deliverables.
  • Regular feedback to the Project Scheduler through the Progress Update feature.
Note: ScheduleReader™ doesn't require any integration, which makes it a perfect solution for onsite and offshore projects.
Advantages in Project Scheduling with ScheduleReader Problem: Project Schedulers lose too much time on daily basis, creating separate PDF documents for each project team.

Solution: With all teams using ScheduleReader™, Schedulers won’t need to create separate PDF documents for each team:
  • Improved communication with no room for miss-communication that can lead to project delays
  • Save valuable time by eliminating the need to create multiple PDF copy of project schedule information for each team
  • Standardized and simple way of receiving activity updates and project information that needs to be included in the original schedule
Note: ScheduleReader™ doesn’t require any additional training.
Advantages in Project Scheduling with ScheduleReader Problem: Project Controls is the key role that keeps the project on-track, on-time and within budget. To successfully manage the project and deal with the unexpected challenges, Project Controls must optimize all internal factors, procedures and processes affecting the project outcome.

Solution: By incorporating ScheduleReader™ as a P6® companion in the project you will:
  • Fast access to project plan information for all project team and stakeholders.
  • Ease the Schedulers work and allow them to focus on their primary job
  • Improved communication between all project teams and stakeholders that leads to on time and on budget project completion
Note: ScheduleReader™ does not connect with your P6® database.

Engaged Teams, Efficient Projects

  • Greater Control
    Finish projects on time and on budget with no delays due to miscommunication. 
  • Saves Time & Resources 
    Share files as XER or XML without constantly formatting and exporting plans to PDF.
  • Up-to-date 
    Simple way of receiving proposed updates while maintaining full control over project schedules.

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Advantages in Project Scheduling with Primavera P6 Reader

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